Yangon Regional Ad Campaign

yangon regional ad campaign

A 3-ad campaign to get teachers and volunteers interested in going to Yangon and create a rural community/school. Yangon being a developing 3rd world country needed the help of volunteers to come and teach their teens English and other subjects. They also wanted people to join in rural community programs to build clean and suitable living environments for the locals.

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Create an ad campaign that talked directly to the target audience. Young male/female teachers and volunteers from all over the world to come join and take action. Create an environment in rural areas that would be more habitable and resourceful. Teach English and other subjects to the younger generation who had no resources to be educated in city schools or institutions.


We decided to use real photos of real people in real situations. These were pictures taken by the teachers themselves of their students. The personal approach and headlines that questioned the audience if they would be interested in being a part of this – though a simple concept, we felt was more hard hitting than being complex


The ads had the necessary impact. It was used as EDMs, FB posts and print. It garnered responses mainly because of social media shares and also got some donations for rebuilding houses and new schools.


Excellent! Creative! Asked a lot of great questions in order to properly capture the essence of my message. Rocketriver finally distilled everything in one succinct display ad! Thank you!

Received 2 prompt creative ideas for my USP. Really liked their angle. Asked great questions to understand my goal. Will consider them for future creative ideas.



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