Excelhemp specialises in Hemp and other nutritional super food products for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for various people from the elite professional sportsmen and sportswomen to the average person recovering from an illness or hoping to lose weight.

Custom WordPress Development
Wordpress Plugin Customization
Responsive Design – Site customised to view in landscape and portrait mode on phones, tablets and desktop
SEO Analysis
E-Commerce Website


The site is a mini e-commerce site that has just one flagship product. The challenge was to use a WP theme that was simple, fast loading and delivered the information quickly. Load speed and page weight were important considerations for this client. They were also looking for something clean bold and simple – with fonts that was easy to read right up to the age group of 60+


We build the site on a Free WP theme and customised a few sections to give it a simple and elegant feel to the theme. Some links had to be coded so buttons under relevant snippets of information would lead users to the correct pages within the site. The e-commerce section of the cart was customised for shipping and tracking information. Shipping to mainland UK was different than shipping the product worldwide.


A site that works on all devices and loads very quickly. It has a shopping system that allowed the client to set different shipping prices in the admin and users who purchased the product could make sure they could track the delivery of their products on time via the website.


I am very difficult to please, but rocketriver really impressed me!! There are a lot of designers out there, but designers with GOOD TASTE, only a few. This is one. Also, communication was very fast.

Thanks so much to RocketRiver for making our website launch both a painless and enjoyable experience. You provide one of the best and easiest website solutions on the internet today. The quality, price and value are excellent. Your customer support is first rate. Your product is simple and intuitive.



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