Rocketriver Communications believes in simplicity. Clean, concise and clear cut is our design and coding principle. And we ask a lot of questions before we start any project. We believe in understanding the product or service our clients offer, read the competition, read the minds of the target audience and then create a strategy. This applies to our design, SEO or development process. We like to create experiences that can stand the test of time.


We work on all aspects of print, web and online marketing. We also provide concepts for marketing and advertising. With over 20 years of experience in advertising, web and social media we combine this to cater to your needs whether you are a startup or an established company. In the past few years we have revamped websites, created some spectacular ads and brand identity. We are now developing structured SEO strategies. We have a team that decides what a client needs and then build an SEO plan based on demographics of the target audience. We love being appreciated for our work – testimonials on this site are proof of this


We believe in letting our work speak volumes. We also believe in building steadfast relationships – between client and customer (b2c) or between businesses (b2b) and between us and the client (r2c). So if you talk to us you will see we will come across as complete professionals. We don’t make promises we cant deliver. We also believe the devil is in the details. We are always on the lookout to see how we can improve performance – whether its our own or the website we design or the SEO strategy we develop for you. We advise and guide our clients to make sure that we do together is done logically, strategically and with a clear ROI in mind.


We love to work with our clients as a family. Where we know each others problems and issues we face and have faced in the past. We ar here to LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and CREATE. So just like a family sharing problems or victories we love being an extension of your business. A good Communication agency should be married to the client or be a family that exists to succeed together.

So from the onset we try to get to know you, your product or service personality, who we are talking to and rather than sell the product or service we manage to create a demand. Find the USP, know the competition, shout or talk to be heard and understood and make users know we mean business.

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Rocketriver was very helpful and responded to my every request within an hour or so of when I sent them. As expected their design was very elegant and original/professional while retaining the “flat” theme. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a logo.

Rocketriver was terrific to work with. Extremely responsive with a high level of professionalism and quality of work. Highly recommend!

Excellent work – exceptionally responsive – great communication – fast – pretty much anything you could ask for! This is the second time around . . . and will be back again.

Always provides Fantastic work, above the call of duty… very communicative and extremely helpful, and the work is beyond professionals and reasonably priced too. Will definitely recommend to all of my friends asking about my newly made modern designs. Cheers Baron


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